Saturday, January 3, 2015

Books for Parents

Religion can seem like a daunting, mysterious subject.  We are sometimes cautioned to "not bring it up at dinner" for fear of offending, or instigating an argument.  And yet...

How can we truly understand one another if we tiptoe around such enormous, potent topics?  Our beliefs, our traditions, our ways of worship or of practicing thankfulness make up who we are, as individuals and as community members.

The books below are honest and accessible and even humorous.  The Faith Club was written post Sept. 11, by three mothers from different faith traditions.  They felt called to "do something" to address the apparent animosity and ignorance regarding religion.  Their first instinct was to create a children's book.  They soon discovered that they needed to do some deep learning first.  They committed to meeting regularly in order to gain knowledge and perspective about faith traditions that were unfamiliar.  They had fears, tense moments, tears; and yet through it all they remained vulnerable and open to the experience.

Anne Lamott is a humorist, a Christian, a writer, a mother, a recovering addict, and in my opinion, one of the great theologians of our age.  She has published numerous books.  Her collections of essays about her adventures in faith and worship are laugh out loud funny.